Tips To Inflate The Resale Value Of Your Smartphone

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An Ultimate Guide to Selling an Apple IPhone
August 7, 2017
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Tips To Inflate The Resale Value Of Your Smartphone

Tips To Inflate The Resale Value Of Your Smartphone

If you are one of those people who are always keen to get their hands on the latest and contemporary piece of smartphones then you must always be reselling your older ones. The blazing fast upgrade in smartphone technology urges people to persistently upgrade their smartphones and people usually upgrade their phones just after the end of the carrier’s contract (or even before that). Anyhow, the old smartphone is likely to stay in vain with them therefore, people sell them back to defray the cost of new smartphone.

Tips To Inflate The Resale Value Of Your Smartphone

Here are some tips that will help you to catch a good price for your old phone:


1. Use A Smartphone Protective Cover:

Always, like always use a smartphone protective cover. The moment you buy a brand new smartphone, don’t forget to buy a protective cover for it. For all those times you accidentally drop your smartphone on the floor or when your smartphone falls out of your pocket mistakenly , the protective cover will protect your phone from becoming a worthless piece of junk.

If your smartphone is in good condition and is not broken or indented then you will be able to get good cash for your phone.


2. Use A Screen Protector:

Along with protective cover, buy a screen protector to protect the precious screen of your pricey smartphone. The scratches and cracks on the screen devalues your smartphone beyond imagination.


3. Avoid Water Damage:

You need to protect your phone from water damages because any kind of water damage will lower your phone’s value by a large scale. Water damaged smartphones are able to catch only a small price because a lot of repairing is needed to bring them back into working condition. Therefore, take care of your smartphone while you are in washroom or bathtub or when you are near sink.


4. Keep Accessories And Original Box:

When you buy a new smartphone, keep all its accessories and original box with you. If you offer original box and other original accessories like battery charger and headphones, your resale value will increase because buyers are more willing to buy smartphones with original accessories.


5. Unlock Your Phone Or complete Your Carrier’s Contract:

You must be aware of the fact that unlocked phones are able to catch relatively a good price, because if a smartphone is attached to a specific carrier then the prospective buyers are only from the same carrier. While if your smartphone is unlocked, the target market increases, which means number of buyers interested in your phone will increase and you will be able to catch relatively good cash for your phone.


6. Keep It Clean:

Keeping your smartphone clean and tidy is quite important, it makes you feel better (because we are with our phones throughout our day) and it will also increase its resale value. With cotton swabs or micro-fiber cloth clean your smartphone, remove any fingerprints or dust. Clean the edges and corners around your smartphone’s buttons.

Taking good care of your smartphone starts from the first day you buy it. If you will take good care of such pricey device, you will be able to increase its resale value.


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