Never Buy A Carrier Bound Smartphone

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Phone Etiquettes
October 1, 2017
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November 6, 2017
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Never Buy A Carrier Bound Smartphone

Never Buy A Carrier Bound Smartphone

Aren’t you tired of long and complicated carrier contracts that make you pay a good chunk of your hard earned salary for months? With these carrier contracts, we undoubtedly walk out with a new smartphone instantly, but these carrier bound contracts are tied with way too many obligations that we pay for and we pay high for a long period of time.

Now is the right time to subside these carrier bound smartphones and to opt for rather flexible and easy option. For this, you first need to understand the difference between a locked and an unlocked phone.

Never Buy A Carrier Bound Smartphone


  • Locked Phones:

Locked Phones are the one that you get from your carrier that includes a Sim Card that only works in a cellular carrier’s network. Locked Phones are, therefore, tied with a contract that you have to agree on. Once contract period ends, your phone is unlocked (because obviously, your carrier had recovered money it had spent to subsidize your smartphone).


  • Unlocked Phones:

Unlocked Phones are also called “carrier agnostic”, which means they are not tied to any specific carrier and can be used with any cellular carrier. Thus, unlocked phones are an easy option for people who don’t like being bound by obligations.


Reason To Abstain Carrier And Go Unlocked:

  • Free Yourself From Carrier’s Obligations:

When you choose to use an unlocked phone, you get the freedom to choose the carrier you want. You are not bound by your carrier in terms of time in case you want an upgrade or you want to sell your phone for cash. An Unlocked Phone offers ultimate freedom of choice.


  • Instant Ownership:

Unlocked Phone gives you a privilege of instant ownership, while carrier bound smartphones are in possession of the user but you certainly don’t own them for a very long period of time. Usually, carrier contracts end after two years, that means you get ownership of your smartphone after that, by then your smartphone loses a lot of its value.


  • Price Surety:

Unlocked Phones offers transparent price, buyers are aware of the exact price that they are paying and there are no hidden charges and fees. With unlocked Phones, you the pay complete price at once and you are not bound to pay monthly installments.


  • Save Money:

Unlocked Phones help you save a lot of money if we talk about payments in long run. With unlocked phones you get to choose among a wide variety of smartphones, you can either choose to buy a brand new phone or you can save big time by purchasing a certified pre-owned device from

Unlocked Phones simply give a lot more advantage to its customers. The era of Carrier tied smartphones is about to come to its end. Unlocked Phones let users choose the carrier they want, with price and plan they prefer.

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