Digital Decluttering: Easy Steps To A Decluttered Digital Life

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Digital Decluttering: Easy Steps To A Decluttered Digital Life

Easy Steps To A Decluttered Digital Life

Easy Steps To A Decluttered Digital Life

Sold old clothes, shoes & bags on eBay, done with giving books to charity, organized wardrobe, Bravo!! You are almost done decluttering your home and your life. Wait, what about the digital clutter messing your digital life? You must not leave one aspect of your life in an utter bad shape. So, if you are in situation where your phone is full of data feeding on your device memory, home screen full of apps, documents, files or you are drowning in the sea of photos, screenshots, unwanted and unread email or your laptop is lying under your table full of dust then you must start your journey to a more productive and organized digital life!!

Here is the solution for all your digital clutter:


Get rid of unused apps, consolidate them:

Take a good look at the home screen or desktop of your device, look for all the apps you haven’t used for 6 months (I know you love that photo editing app but you haven’t used it since a year! Let it go). Once you decide, delete all those unwanted apps and files that are sucking your device memory while staying idle on your device for a faster device with a little less mess.

Now consolidate all those loose floating files, apps, documents and photos into named folders. Tidying up your desktop and home screen will bring peace of mind.


Organize your photos (wipe out bad selfies and unwanted screenshots):

Go through your Gallery and rid yourself from all those screenshot that you took while online shopping or selfies that turned out to be horrible. There is no need of 20 photos of you, with same outfit at same place. Delete some of them.


Hit unsubscribe:

If you are one of those people who are always drowning in the sea of emails and a lot of them are of no use then consider unsubscribing from their respective account, to free yourself from the unwanted efforts.


Manage music and movies:

If your device memory is hoarded with unlimited movies and music, maybe it’s time to get rid of those memory sucking files, after Netflix, Amazon Prime and sound cloud there is no need to cling to those files. Believe me, you can free up lot of space by deleting them.


Get yourself a Cloud and sync all:

Sync all your devices to an ICloud account (if you are an iOS user) or sync all to a Google account, this way all your data will remain consolidated at one place. Not many people are aware of the convenience that comes with using this cloud technology. Your life will be a lot easier, trust me.


Sell old devices:

We all are guilty of stashing old phone and other devices in our drawers that are no longer of any use to us (they are depreciating their value with time). If you are wondering how much you can get for your phone or other devices then you need to a site like Re-Cell , there you will get to know your device worth through some really simple steps. Once you realize that how much your old devices worth, sell them to get quite some bucks. Do consider selling your old laptop, Ipod, Mac etc.

Once done, you will welcome yourself to a more organized and decluttered Digital life.


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