An Ultimate Guide to Selling an Android Phone

So an entrancing and enticing new smartphone has caught your eyes and you plan to get your hands on it at your earliest. You better know that keeping an old phone in a drawer will bring you no good and that old phone will eventually lose its value. So, the smartest way is to sell your old phone for some cash that will help defray the cost of your new phone.

An Ultimate Guide To Selling An Android Phone

If you wonder how much you can get for your android phone, then you must evaluate your smartphone’s condition. You will get more money if your phone is flawless or has normal signs of use. Broken and damaged phones bring less price but at least you will get a price (throwing it in a bin will bring you nothing).


Steps To Take Before Selling An Android Smartphone:

Suspend Your Wireless Service & Remove Memory And Sim Card:

The first and foremost step to take, before you prepare your phone for selling, is to deactivate it from its carrier. This will save you and your prospective buyer from a lot of headache. If you skip this step, your buyer will be unable to activate your device. It will be done automatically if you transfer your existing sim to your new device. But still you must look into this and do whatever is necessary to suspend your wireless service from your old phone before selling it. Remove your memory card along with memory sim card.


Backup Data:

If your Android device is associated with a Google account, your most important data such as contacts, emails and calendar will already be backed up in a cloud and as soon as you activate your google account in your new device, all that data will be available to you. Other data like photos, videos and music (that are dearest to almost everyone) will be backed up wirelessly through Google Drive.

Through google account you can protect and transfer all type of data and if you don’t want to do it that way, you can transfer data through USB cable.


Factory Reset and Encrypt Your Device:

Perform factory data reset to wipe of all the data on your device. Through an easy and simple step all the data from device will be removed. The process is quite simple, just go to Setting > Backup and reset > Factory Data reset and it will be done.

Factory data reset will remove almost all of the data but still some of the data is recoverable through some techniques. To be extra careful, you can encrypt your device prior to factory reset, this will destroy all sort of data. To encrypt your data, go to Setting > Security > Encrypt Phone.

After encryption and factory reset, the data will be removed completely.


Clean Device and Gather Accessories:

When internal cleaning is done, clean the device externally with a cloth or cotton balls (wipe the screen, clean internal ports and remove dust or any build up).

Gather all the accessories like battery charger and headphones. Installing a new screen protector will also be good gesture.

After all these steps, your phone will be ready for resell.


How Selling An Old Device Works:

Selling an old phone is a hassle free and a risk free process. Through some simple steps you will be able to evaluate how much you will get for your phone. Start by visiting trade in old mobile, then select your android device and its model and carrier and some other details like storage and color. After that you will be asked about the condition of your phone you will have to opt between, Flawless (looks like it’s never been used), Good (no signs of use) or Broken (does not turn on or has serious physical damage).

After that an offer will be proposed to you according to your android phone’s condition and model. If you choose to accept it. You will be forwarded to payment window, there you will have to provide your PayPal information to receive payment. After that you just need to ship your phone through a free shipping process and after examining your phone, you will receive payment in your account.

Well this is how it is to be done, once you follow these steps your data will be secure and your phone will be traded easily (you can now buy that new smartphone you have been dreaming about).


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